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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Most Annoying Things on the Internet, Part 2

*See part 1 here..

To recap, I whined about videos and sideshows last week, and this week I'm getting on the case of pop-up ads,  music, and newsletter subscription sites. I hope you agree, if only so we can band together and create a grassroots uprising against these Internet faut pas!

Pop-up ads 

I don't know if you know anything about marketing, but from what I can tell interruptive marketing is quickly going out of style; consumers are getting too good at blocking these ads out of their attention span, nevermind the fact that these ads are just super annoying. The thing is, websites are catching on to the fact that we all have pop-up blockers and are now using a new generation of pop-up ads that aren't exactly pop-ups but that completely obstruct one's view of the site! Since mobile browsing is becoming more common, these ads are becoming increasingly annoying; it can be very challenging to quickly close these windows on a touch screen. 
The absolute worst is when these pop-up-type ads are asking me to subscribe to their newsletter...

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Most Annoying Things on the Internet, Part 1

Slide shows: 

I do not understand why this phenomenon seems to be taking over the internet. It seems that every website I go to presents information into a slideshow. As I'm sure you have noticed, slideshows are particularly common when photos are involved, and this is definitely one of the most annoying things on the internet.
For example, I love, but whenever I want to view the curated collections of products they are so good at putting together, I have to view a slow and cumbersome slideshow.
Whenever I view articles on Mashable like this fun collection of reflection images, I get the warm fuzzies because they provide the option to view the slideshow as one page. It's like they get me! When websites do not give me any options, I am irritated right away.
It's time-consuming and a huge turn off. The worst slideshows by far are those which load a new page with every click and are set up in such a way that you have to scroll down every time to see the full image or text. Some sites offer user friendly slideshows that do not actually load a new page with every click, but rather move seamlessly from image to image (like the Mashable slideshows). Others, while opening a new page with every click, are user friendly enough to auto-scroll down to the photo, requiring less effort. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What People Like, According to the Internet

Or, My Most Popular Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has been very eye-opening for me. Sometimes (most times) I pin something and am convinced it's going to get a lot of repins, and alas, most of the time, my pins aren't repinned at all. However, there are two things in particular that I have pinned that blew up right away (somewhat unexpectedly!), and one other pin that is like the gift that keeps on giving, for while it doesn't have a load of repins, at least one person repins it on a weekly basis. I'm not sure what makes pins attractive, or gives longevity to pins, allowing them to take on long-term lives of their own, but I'm sharing them with you below because a) if others loved them, you might, too, and b) maybe you can weigh in on what makes these pins so fabulous!

Date night in a jar.
This is really fun, no doubt about it. It's also such a simple idea, one of those ones that makes you ask 'why didn't I think about that?!'. Then again, I post lots of tips and tricks and other handmade goodies that you could say the same about. Maybe this picture has the additional benefit of being visually appealing. It also, unlike many DIYs on Pinterest, appeals to a relational side of us, as it's not simply something creative and easy to execute, it's also something that functions as a very personal gift and promises to bring us closer to someone who is important to us.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

8 Ways Apple Should Improve the iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple has not (yet) hired me as an offical advisor, but I'm writing this post anyway because I think we need to get the word out there about how the iPhone 4s should be improved, preferably with the next software update (get on it, Apple!).
First of all, let me just say that I love Apple and everything it creates, so this isn't meant to be an Apple-bashing post. It's precisely because I use my iPhone and all it's handy capabilities so often that I'm bugged by these (mostly) minor issues.
Post your own iPhone pet peeves in the comments!

1. Tabs in Safari
It irritates me to no end that when you open a link in a new window in Safari, you are automatically switched over to the new window without the option of staying on the page you were already viewing. This has bothered me for ages, but at first I kind of disregarded my ire, figuring it was just one of those stupid, pointless things that was never going to change. But then I got my iPad and found (to my delight) that in Safari on iPad, new tabs open without disrupting your current viewing! This needs to happen on iPhone, fast.

2. Downloading Apps from the App Store
Along the same lines, can someone please explain to me why on earth the App Store has to close every time you click download/buy on an App? I don't need to view my home screen! In fact, chances are, I want to keep browsing for apps! I almost always download multiple apps at a time and it is such a waste of time to have to watch the app store close and reopen after the purchase of each app. Unfortunately, I can't say this problem has been fixed on the iPad, unlike the Safari

3. Siri Lacking Support for Map Information in Canada
Apparently this is supposed to roll out in 2012... Fingers crossed! I want to be able to locate coffee (by voice command, of course) wherever I am!
But in all earnestness, this prevents you from viewing movie listings, searching for anything nearby you like a restaurant or post office, and looking up directions via Siri. These are all valuable functions, in my opinion.

4. Tweet from Siri
When I'm walking and want to send a voice command, I more often think of something that I want to tweet than of anything else -- and, guess what? It's essentially the only thing I can't do by voice command. Siri is great, but if they're going to integrate Twitter into iOS it would be really helpful if it were fully integrated.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Top 5 Beach Songs

So, as some of you who know me may know, I am heading to Mexico tomorrow. I know you will miss me terribly (or at the very least be horribly jealous), so, as my semi-inaugural post, I'd like to share with you the top 5 songs that will be keeping me company on the beach. And if you listen to them too, it will be almost like you're there with me! If you don't believe me, I dare you to listen! Share your favourite beach songs in the comments!

#5: Simon and Garfunkel: "At the Zoo"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be Lynnspired!

Welcome to my new blog. Think of it as a variety blog, an all-you-can-eat blog buffet, because I will be blogging about anything and everything on here -- topics I care about and which, hopefully, you care about too. I was shamelessly inspired by the recent "Linsanity" surrounding Jeremy Lin for my blog name, but I consider it a lucky coincidence I can't ignore that my name works with all the same ludicrous puns. I'll try not to drive you crazy with the puns, but I hope this blog makes you feel Lynnspired all the same!